Do you love to inspire people with Brazilian Zouk and want to polish your dance? Are you thinking of becoming a Zouk teacher? Or are you teaching Zouk and want to expand your knowledge and improve your teachers' skills? Than save the date and get ready for an intensive weekend full of magical moments on how to share your passion.

Do you share the same passion for Brazilian Zouk as us? Do you want to share your passion on to your students? Than make this dream come true and join the second Dutch Zouk Teachers Course. We will give you a toolbox you can use in your classes, workshops, boot camps, school, parties and so on. So you can grow as a teacher and inspire more people with Brazilian Zouk.

One very important part of sharing is to have knowledge. Knowledge for example of the history, the body, psychology, sociology, music, vocabulary and technics. With this knowledge you will be able to build yourself as a dancer and teacher and grow up in the dance.

Another important part of sharing is to have skills. Skills for example to be able to present yourself in public, how to organize your school, your class, a party, how to explain movements, how to give feedback to your students, how to handle problems … and so on.

We will take you on an exciting journey through Brazilian Zouk and beyond. And most of all. We will teach you how to share your passion and teach your students. After participation of the course you will receive a certificate for participation: Dutch Zouk Teachers Course Certificate.


Coming soon!


Coming soon!


  • History

  • Social aspects

  • Didactics Intermediate Elements

  • Musicality

  • Connection

  • Headmovements

  • Styling

  • And more ...

*Please note:

  • The Dutch Zouk Teachers Course focusses on classes to develop as a teacher. Ofcourse your experience of zouk will change and your dance will improve when you know more about the background and technics in zouk.

  • The Dutch Zouk congress focusses on workshop to develop your dance.


The classes will be given by: Coming soon!

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