A sparkling and historical city in North Brabant with a cheerful personality, that’s Breda! The combination of its rich history and numerous present-day activities makes Breda an inspiring city! During the course of years Breda has grown into a city with around 170.000 inhabitants. Her cosy city centre makes it well-organized and pleasant to be in. Talk with the “Bredanaars’’, let all the impressions move you and discover the true character of the city! 


The name Breda descends from a contraction of the Brede (wide) Aa. This is the point where two rivers, the Mark and the Aa, flow together. In the year 1252 Breda obtained its municipal rights and at the beginning of the 14th century Breda was a walled-in city. Also, in the fourteenth century the city was surrounded with mouts, so called ‘singels’. Around the city you can still find them. All the streets surrounding the city were laid in an oval shape, which is a noticeable sign for old fortified cities.

Nightlife / Shopping

The Dutch province Brabant is known for its ‘bruine kroegen’, ‘gezelligheid’ en ‘bourgondische’ lifestyle, and being in the heart of Brabant, Breda has lots of it! Nightlife in Breda is at its best sitting in a shady, fully loaded pub, drinking (great Dutch) beer and chatting with friends and in summer of course out on the terrace!

Other recommendations are the Chassé Theatre, the Holland Casino, the Mezz concerts & dance and the Pathé cinema.

There are numerous possibilities to go shopping in Breda, the city centre has over 500 different shops and a modern and dynamic shopping mall (De Barones). Every Tuesdays and Fridays Grote Markt (main square) fills up with the local market.


Begijnhofje / Grote kerk (Our lady church) / het Valkenberg (central park) / KMA (Royal Military Academy) / Spanjaardsgat (momumental Spanjards gate) / De singels (Canals) / MOTI Museum of the Image / Breda’s museum

More info: www.vvvbreda.nl (Dutch) or www.vvvbreda.nl (English)