We have a delicious menu for you!

Check out our restaurant where you can dine and drink. Sit down, relax and get ready for your next dance! We love food so we have an amazing menu for you to enjoy. We will also provide late night snacks so you can keep on dancing the whole night.

Lunch and dinner: Teachers Course

There are three supermarkets on two minutes’ walk from the venue to get your lunch. The venue is on 3 minutes from the train station. The trainstation holds different food shops like pasta's, sushi, snacks and sandwiches. Breda has a great center full of nice restaurants to go for dinner.

Lunch and dinner: Congress

We have a delicious menue for you with dishes from all over the world to make you feel right at home. You can buy your food pass when you arrive at the venue. Don't miss out on our delicious nightsnacks!!


Dancing makes thirsty, so we have different bars available where you can order your drinks. You can organise your coins for drinks when you get there.

Please note

  • You can bring your water to the workshops during the day.

  • Due to venue regulations you can not bring your juices, soda's etc. to the workshops during the day.

  • Due to venue regulations you can not bring water, juices, soda's, alcohol, snacks et cetera to the evening workshops and to the parties.

  • Due to venue regulations you can not bring any kind of drinks to the afternoon parties.

  • Our foodfacilities are for people who buy their food at the venue, you can not bring your own lunch and dinner here.

  • It is prohibited by law to bring and use any kind of drugs.

  • To keep everybody safe, security will search you and your bag.

  • Thank you for understanding.